Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wow That Was Quick...

Just wanted to start of by saying "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" because I'm a horny immature teenage guy and couldnt help it.

Anyways, yeah. Good news already. First of all I wanted to say that I cleared the 8 foot mark with 6 inches to spare on Pole Vault today. I was very proud of myself because that was the first time I've ever cleared 8 feet. So that ended track on a very high note and I was very happy. So I have very high hopes for the meet on Saturday that happens to be in Berlin which means me getting to school at 6:45 in the morning to get on at bus that leaves at 7. It's going to be a long day. So this made me feel very accomplished and good.

Second thing, of course is a girl but that's ok cos it's not going anywhere, it just boosted my self confidence. So there has been this girl that I've been attracted to from afar ever since I became a schoolie last year. I've never talked to her, and I didnt think she had ever noticed me in her life. Well apparently at Winter Carnival this year she did happen to notice me. She was with a good friend of mine and we didnt talk, I dont even think we made eye contact but apparently she was checking me out all night while I was doing the same and we never noticed. Well today someone told me I should ask her to prom because she doesnt have a date and then I asked around and found out she was interested in me and I amazed! But sadly quickly angered because I have already said yes to going to prom with another girl. That isnt the point though. I dont really know her but just from seeing her and talking to other people she is a total sweetheart the only downside is that she has a kid. She is only 18, it was a high school mistake of some sort. I dont really know the story.

So in the end I'm feeling pretty good. Prom will be fun. I'm doing good in pole vault finally after sucking. I will hopefully become good friends with this girl and maybe it will go somewhere or maybe I will realize I dont like her. We will see on that part. My only fear is that if anything were to go between us as far as a relationship goes and my mom...or my dad for that matter find out she has a kid then I think they would probably rip my head off. I sometimes hate how judgemental they can be. Whether it's just because they dont like how someone looks, talks, or if they dont like their parents, or anything else for that matter! Just because of this stuff doesnt mean someone isnt an amazing person. Either way I'm feeling better. Still a little bit of a rollar coaster but I'm letting go because holding on tore me apart way to much.

The past holds lessons to learn from, the present is full of new experiences, and the future is full of the unknown. All I know is that my future is going to be hitting the fast track after this year. It's a daunting thought but I think I'm ready for it. I need to grow up and get my priorities straight. As always, until next time.


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