Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Latest, The Greatest

It's all the same. My life is just so predictable. I wake up at 6am. Get ready for the day. Go downstairs and wait for 10 minutes until I have to go out to wait for the bus. As soon as I'm on the bus I put in my Ipod, put on some screamo and blast the music. This gets me prepared for the day. Sometimes I sleep depending on my lack of sleep the night before. I get off the bus and my day goes the same. 5 classes and 1 or 2 study halls depending on the day. I walk the same way everyday. See the same people. In general I wast about 7 hours of my life a day going to school because God knows the stuff I learn I could teach myself if I had the books. I get on the bus and either throw in my Ipod again, or just talk to people. I get home. I play Xbox and might try at some homework (which I find unnecessary because I already get the stuff and dont need practice so I'm unmotivated to do it) then I get on Facebook until I decide I'm tired enough to fall asleep without my problems stopping me from falling asleep. On Wednesdays I bring down our trash barrels to be picked up. Friday is never a great day because I go to school and half way through the day I go "YES Friday!!!" but on the bus ride home I realize "Shit I have to work." So Friday night I go to work. Then either go out to Applebees or come straight home. Saturday I sleep in then work the afternoon away. Sunday is the same. Then you repeat for the rest of the week. All over again

I feel so predictable. So boring. So mediocre. Extra ordinary. Yet there is no room for change, but I guess I'm afraid of change. In less than a year and a half I will be going away to a college somewhere on the other side of the US that is in a warm climate while I serve in the armed forces of some kind. I then dont intend to return back to New England for at least 2 years if not all 4 years of college. After that is a mystery but I will figure it out.

As for the present I am stressed to the max as always. Mid term report cards are sent out next week and I'm afraid my grades will not be that great. Along with some major confusion about girls that I always have. I think the better way to words it is confusion of myself about a girl. Despite all that I find myself sitting up late at night listening to songs about love and happiness and the guy being happy with a girl. It's something that has never laste for me.

What really annoys me are girls that throw themselves at guys. Just completely flirty and giggly. Even some of them straight up saying they want to have sex with me. It's so unattractive. I've been single for almost 3 weeks and girls are just piling up like vultures. I'm just not dead yet. Oh well. People dont change. Love remains the same. As always, until next time.


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