Friday, February 26, 2010

Just another update if anyone is even still reading this...

So right now I'm basically falling asleep but that's okay. I'm just going to write what's been bugging me lately. I hate hypocrites and liars and bull shitters. It sucks even more when you find out about all this after a lot of it happened. It's stupid and it hurts but now I've just been laughing it off because I'm happy I finally realized it. Everyone keeps encouraging me to be single but that's really hard for a person like me. I'm the guy that has never looked at a girl and gone "I want to be with her" I've always been the guy that a girl grows on. So it's hard to be single because when you have 20 girls desperately trying to talk to you, a couple tend to stand out. But both of these girls just dont seem like meant to be kinda girls. One is busy every time I'm not and I am busy whenever she isnt. The other is just young. She doesnt know herself yet and I think we are both looking for something different. It's really hard. Another subject came up with a friend. God. Yeah I was raised to believe in him, and I havent ever really thought about it. Well a friend and I were talking and I realized I didnt even know whether I believed any more. This was a daunting thought because of the consequences that this could cause. So now I'm just bugged by a whole lot. I find it so easy to put a smile on for a stranger but my friends know me to well to believe my fake smiles. Yet I dont really feel like talking to someone about my problems. I'd just rather poor my heart out onto this online blog. Idk. Lifes a bitch, get a helmet. Another thing that struck me was this. "You cry to much when you can never remember why you cried. You fight to much when you dont remember what you fought about." This could be true for just about anything. Idk. I'm just rambling but that's okay. As always. Until next time


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