Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Late Night, More Late Thoughts

Once again it's late and I'm writing what's on my mind. Today someone called me an instigator. I promptly reminded her that I am almost always joking and people just dont know how to laugh, but yet she pointed out a few people that I do obviously instigate to get reactions out of. I cant say I do it a lot, however there are just some people I cant help but try and get reactions out of because they are just hilarioius. For example. My current favorite person to piss off is a 20 year old guy at work that is bipolar and doesnt take his meds. He is always fighting with people and he is one of those "My shit dont stink" kind of people. Well getting him pissed off is funny for many reasons. He threatens to beat me up when I know I can take him but that isn't the funny part. The funny part is that he says he carries a bat in his car and I keep telling him it's because he needs the bat to beat me up. This just makes him more mad and flustered. The second funny part is well, I'm a minor. Idc is he beats the shit out of me. I could use a few weeks in the hospital but the best part is he would go to jail. So this is all just very entertaining.

The next subject I've been thinking about is school. Even though I dont act it, I am stressed to the max. Right now I'm failing everything and this is due to me having to house sit the week before vacation. If it was just me and my siblings we would have been fine, but instead my parents insisted on making my dad's mother stay with us. She's this huge fat ass christian woman who thinks the world owes her something because she's old. Well she comes into this house and takes over. She runs it the way she would run her house. Basically screwing everything up. Because she is so fat she cracked the toilet seat when she was going to the bathroom and had me call my grandfather so he could replace it. So basically everyday was something new. My sister coming to me practically crying because her shirts shrunk because our grandmother dried them, so now she has nothing to wear. So I couldnt have a single thought of homework because I was worrying about what else this woman was screwing up.

On top of all this my English class has a hard core teacher. She could take the writing of Charles Dickens and shred the writing into pieces. So I'm failing that class because English just isnt my strong point. Never has. Math I usually have an A in that class but I didnt do any homework that week and so she wont be excepting any work this week. Biology I still have to turn in a project. History instead of writing this I should be typing a two page essay along with a mini project that I havent done yet. Mean while I've had all this drama that I've finally shed, but I still have work which the manager feels I've been lacking in for a long time.

Even though all this stuff is completely wrong, I am amazing right now. I cant decide if it's the massive ammounts of caffeine in my system or if it's because I've finally shed my skin and grown up. Just moved onto the next state of mind to becoming a independent citizen of this shit hole country. Either way I dont think I care that much for the reason. I know it'll end and I'll be back into another slump as always. My life is always so uncertain because I think to much. Right now I'm just here for the ride. I return to school tomorrow and I couldnt be more excited to see people I havent seen all this last week, yet at the same time I just wish summer was here. I think the next step on my things to do list is to get summer romance. I've just realized I've never had one and I'll have my license this summer which will make it easier. Still doubt I'll find the girl of my dreams but I a summer romance wouldnt hurt. I miss camp, I miss old friends, and I miss the time when nothing mattered. The pure bliss of naivity. I still find myself envying the birds. What I've give to fly away from here. As always, until next time.


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