Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Like....

In my heart I've let you go to the wind but in my head I still dont know what to think.

I want to care and I start to care but I lose it and just get angry at myself.

I want to believe you've changed and that you really are making your life better and doing what is right for you but after 4 months of seeing how you had chosen to be I dont.

I'm fine with everything, I'm happy I'm single. I'm glad I dont have a girl in my life just to tie me down and keep me from my dreams but I still feel like I'm alone in everything.

I'm going crazy on the inside but I find I'm still so sane.

I feel the limitations of my body and of my mind but every time I push the boundries of both the physical and mental the more I realize just how limited I am.

I have so many questions, so many feelings, and so many thoughts that just wont seem to be answered or resolved.

I'm just not meant to be with someone and I'm just meant to show people the path they really belong on, but in a way that I dont even realize.

I have so many worries of hurting someone else in my own selfish acts so I put my friends first and in the end make bigger mistakes by having the wrong friends.

I cant wait to get out of the house but I'm still so scared of the real world. Of have to fend for myself and work all for nothing than the next bill or the next meal.

It's like I can never get anything right...


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