Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Superficiality Washed Away

I had not realized that I hadnt posted in almost a whole month! I guess I've just been caught up in so much, and that I've had my mind on near lock down. My parents unplugged my internet for about a week in an attempt to "inspire" me to do some homework for once, I bet you can guess how that worked out. As promised though I am bringing probably one of my favorite pieces yet that I am turning into my English teacher tomorrow. I hope she likes it but she has a tendency of beating the pulp out of everyone's papers no matter how amazing. Hopefully this one entry will bring me back to keeping you caught up to my life at least despite the fact I havent gotten around to reading your entries. Here it is. "Superficiality Washed Away"

It was approximately 2:50 in the afternoon after school. I had just gotten off the bus, just like everyday, and found that it was raining again. As I walked the 100 or so feet to the bottom of my driveway from the bus stop, I let out a heavy sigh. Today was the first warm rain that had fallen that spring and it was refreshing. I took a big whiff of the fresh spring air and let out another sigh and immediately thought that this was pure bliss. The rain was not so heavy in the amount of rain drops, but rather that the rain drops made of for the lack of number in the volume of each rain drop. It was not pouring, but certainly not a drizzle. These large rain drops could be felt on the hood of my red American Eagle hoodie, could be seen splashing off of my arms and off the ground around me, and the sound of each drop reverberating around me in the soaked road to my left. One of my strange habits when it is raining it to look straight up into the sky, and I have not given this extensive thought more for the reason that I do not want to ruin the amazing feeling this brings. As I looked up to the heavens and the rain drops splashed my face, I realized just how content I was. In that moment every strand of stress, every negative thought and all the build up from a superficial society seemed to wash out of me just as easily as the rain was washing the dirt off the road. This less than two minute walk, from the bus stop to the entrance to my house, seemed like the longest, yet most wonderful walk of my life and will be replaced only by an even better refreshing summer rain. This feeling however ended abruptly when I stepped into my house and back into the maelstrom of stress and emotions that come with every teenager’s life, no less to the thanks of my overreacting mother.

Until next time.


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