Friday, April 30, 2010

I Hate Mornings...

So this is the first time I've ever written on here anytime before late afternoon to in dead middle of the night. I'm writing because I have a half hour before I need to start walking to go to track practice and this thought is still fresh in my head.

So I was just in the shower maybe 20 minutes ago thinking "God damnit I hate mornings..." then I realized I never really put a reason why so I thought about it and here is what I have. I dont know if you've ever seen any of those sci fi movies where the hero gets his brain downloaded with knowledge or say The Butterfly Effect when he comes back to the "now" and all the events flood his brain. Well mornings are like that to me except usually a lot less painful. My conscience flicks on, yeah flicks. Bam. Awake. Full awareness of everything in a matter of 2.2 micro seconds. Then all the memories flood back in. What happened that week, what happened the night before, and the dream I had that night. Now me having a pretty emotional rollar coaster life, I always end up getting flooded with all my problems because there is rarely ever something happy to think about. Granted I do have my good morning where I wake up and remember something good that happened or something good that will happen that day and I'm actually very energetic, but in 9 out of 10 cases I'm in a bad mood.

Take last night for instance. It was a sex dream. I'm a teenage guy, get over it, but that isnt the problem. The problem is that the girl I was with was one of my closest and most trusted friends (even though I have always had a little crush/interest in her but shhhhh) so I wake up shaking my head going woooow I'd never do that. One reason why I'm in a bad mood this morning. The next is that I remember I have to walk for a half hour to get to school for track practice. On the bright side I really could use a walk. Lets hope it isnt cold out and windy. Mom said it was supposed to be nice.

Oh well. I feel better and now you have an explanation, as do I. So I'm off to get ready for track. Well there is one more thing bugging me....But this problem I'd like to keep to myself because this has never really happened to me before and it kinda makes me happy, yet, it's a problem all in itself. So until next time.


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